Kingsley Coman - Juventus/Bayern

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Kingsley Coman - Juventus/Bayern

Postby santowhir » Sat Nov 07, 2015 1:13 pm

Kingsley Coman is a player who starts on loan at Bayern from his parent club Juventus I've not tried to sign him on any of my saves but he might be worth an investment early on in the game.

He is valued at £53 Million in 2020. After a few seasons on loan at Bayern they eventually buy him for £15 Million which seems like good value for money now.

There are better players with overall attributes on the game but his average ratings are all above 7 and his goals / assists per game is up there with the best. I'm sure with the right training and nurturing he could become one of the best in the game and at a reasonable transfer too.

If you've managed to buy him on your save it would be great to know how well he does.

I might start a new season to see how well he becomes.

kingsley-coman-bayern-football-manager-2016.png (133.68 KiB) Viewed 1161 times

kinglsey-coman-bayern-juventus-football-manager-2016-attributes.png (155.69 KiB) Viewed 1256 times

kinglsey-coman-bayern-juventus-football-manager-2016-career-stats.png (142 KiB) Viewed 1256 times

Update: Unfortunately is looks like Bayern have an agreement with Juventus on a loan-to-buy option so you won't be able to purchase Kinglsey Coman within the first season. I'm not sure if there is a pre-agreement in the game which automatically assigns Kinglsey Coman to Bayern after his loan so I'll keep you updated on how this possible transfer takes place.

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