Hirving Lozano - C.F. Pachuca

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Hirving Lozano - C.F. Pachuca

Postby santowhir » Sun Nov 08, 2015 12:06 pm

Hirving Lozano plays as an attacking midfielder on either the left or right side and starts the game playing for C.F. Pachuca. On my save game he moves to A.C. Milan for £9 Million in the 2017/18 season.

His stand out attributes are his crossing, dribbling, first touch and teamwork all ranked at 16 in 2020. His best physical attribute is his natural fitness ranked at 16. His acceleration, agility, pace and stamina are also very good all ranked at 16 in 2020.

He has a very impressive average ranking of 7.34 with 27 goals and 34 assists over 191 games. Bayern buy him on my save game for £50 Million in the 2018/19 season so its worth investing in him early on in the game to avoid paying over the odds later in the game.

hirving-lozano-pachuca-football-manager-2016.png (159.04 KiB) Viewed 1072 times

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Update: With a bit of negotiating I managed to purchase him at the beginning of the game for £8 Million with possible add-ons rising to £9.5Million, I feel like I could have possible saved a few million with being a bit more clever in negotiations. There were no issues with his work permit and this was granted first time around. His contract is set at 12.5K a week which expires in 2019. This feels a tad expensive as I don't feel he will get any first team action (playing as Manchester United) but he will save money on a long save.

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