Formations/tactics on managing Doncaster Rovers

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Formations/tactics on managing Doncaster Rovers

Postby Administrator » Wed Aug 19, 2015 7:55 pm

I've had numerous attempts at managing Doncaster Rovers, and it's been quite the challenge.

After playing around with most of the tactics the one that seems most successful is the 3-4-3 formation, this is probably based on the players you are given when taking over.

The game only seems to start you off with a 150k budget so not much room to play with there!

The first season I tried the 3-4-3 formation the team scored 81 goals and conceded 74 finishing the season in 10th place, not bad for a squad expecting to get relegated.

Billy Sharp and Theo Robinson got a lot of goals between them, but I had trouble with getting Chris Brown the same goal scoring numbers.

In some of the seasons I managed to get Will Keane and/or Jesse Lingard from Manchester United who add much needed quality/depth to the squad.

Will Keane managed to score 31 goal and 18 assists whilst playing him in the central position. Unfortunately he decided to join Leicester the year after for 2 million, although if you are lucky you might have a change to sign him after the first year.

I had more success with attacking tactics with Doncaster which gives you more chance of conceding less goals than a defensive formation. Better results came as the team familiarised itself with the formation and tactics, so don’t give up on the tactic too soon if you don’t appear to be getting the right results straight away.

I decided to play around with the mentality of the squad in the 3-4-3 formation and overload got me into 6th place and I managed to gain promotion to the premier league through the playoffs.

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