Adnan Januzaj - Manchester United

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Adnan Januzaj - Manchester United

Postby santowhir » Sun Sep 27, 2015 11:45 am

Anyone that has played Football Manager 2014 knows how good this kid is. In my save I've played him as a first team player from the beginning to see how good this guy can really get. I play him as one of the two central attacking midfielders in the 4-6-0 formation (Rooney usually being the other one).

With Adnan Januzaj you don't really need to ease him into the game as he is good enough already but after a few years he becomes even better. In his first season he managed 31 games scoring 13 goals and 8 assists with an average rating of 7.19. I've now got him playing in the 4th season where he played 35 times, scoring 24 goals (and winning top goalscorer of the year), 11 assists and an average rating of 7.52. Pretty much all of his attributes have gone up from when the game started and I'm sure they'll keep rising as he will only get better.

I've heard some people play him as a striker so that would be really interesting to see how many more goals he could score in that position. If your playing as one of the bigger clubs in Europe it also seems possible to sign him early on in the game as Manchester United don't really use him to full advantage. However he does come with a price tag of around £35 million but given his attributes and age this could seem like a good investment.

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